Wednesday, November 7, 2012

As easy as A. b. C

The engineers arrived to fit the log boiler at the start of the week - great timing- we can then slowly bring the heating up to temp , then down slowly to ensure the screed is ready to accept the marble floor tiles - So 2 jolly "Cumbrian "? engineers scratch their heads at how the insulation on the Akva buffer tank it can be lifted into the building! .... Hours later .ratchet straps...cut fingers... It shouldn't have been removed.
OK plan B , unfortunately there wasn't a plan B not for the boiler anyway! Also they thought that the flue was going through the roof - NO not through the beautiful welsh slate , so instead out of the wall for the Chip shop look! The boiler is squeezed with millimetres spare into the opening , while plan B is put into place!
A new Buffer tank is being delivered next day - this is without a hot water coil though so plan C -
A hot water module has been ordered - apparently these work as well... Let's wait and see meanwhile day 2 the garage ( where we live) is flooded 5 hours + hot & cold taps left on =4 inches of water :(( this week has been the DOWNS of our self build!

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