Our aim is to:
September 2011-
Week 1 Ground work,
Week 2 Floor slab- bricks and concrete
Week 3 Brickwork, external
Week 4 Brick and Block work, internal & external
Week 1 Brick & Block work, internal & external
Week 2  Internal block work
Week 3  Lintels and complete to 1st floor level
Week 4 Scaffold and floor joists
Week 1 Brick 2nd floor
Week 2 Block 2nd floor.....Yes to schedule....for once!!
Week 3 current to wall plate
Week 4 wall plate and detail
Week 1 floor
week 2 roof trusses
Week 3 slate...if we are lucky and everyone is visiting santa
week 4 father christmas, he wont be bringing me a house
Jan 2012
week 1 - nothing...we are having a well earned holiday
week 2 - lets tackle this gable and tie it in to the new build
week 3 - stud walls, internal walls
week 4 - gable  and side walls
week1 - gable and side walls
week 2 - lets order those stairs
week3 -